Anatomical digital twinning

Create high-fidelity anatomical models of the heart and torso including the complex structural tissue characteristics to gain insight for device deployment and procedural planning, and to quantitatively assess the impact of device therapies on cardiac function.


Anatomical Twin

Generating full-scale, high-fidelity image-based anatomical twins can be a real challenge, often involving multiple stages with a high level of human interaction. This can make research and development a slow and expensive process.

Creating digital twins from clinical scans (CT/MRI) requires careful image segmentation

In silico experiments demand high quality and physically optimised meshes

Several important anatomical structures are invisible to current imaging technology (e.g. myocardial fibers, Purkinje system)

Anatomical Twin

Fast and cost-effective creation of high-fidelity anatomical models


AI-Based segmentation of clinical images

Our auto-segmentation software is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology using advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. It delivers

Automated image segmentation
Anatomically detailed labeling of relevant cardiac domains

Support of different modalities and imaging protocols

Tissue discrimination capabilities

Highly-detailed augmented anatomical models

We offer automated frameworks to create accurate ready-to-use anatomical digital twins, including structural heterogeneity, in minutes.

Automated and efficient generation of anatomies suitable for cardiac electrophysiology and mechanics simulations

Anatomical model augmentation with electrical conduction system (e.g. inter-atrial bundles, Purkinje system) and myocardial fibers

Tissue substrate modifications (e.g. infarct scars or fibrosis) incorporated from clinical images and in-house statistical models

NumeriCor’s proprietary technology covers all stages of cardiac in-silico experiments, from model generation to cardiac simulation, and result visualization. NumeriCor’s core products consists in CARPentry PRO, a cutting-edge simulation engine, and CARPentry Studio, the ultimate end-to-end cardiac simulation graphical interface. NumeriCor offers various possibilities to collaborate with our team of experts, providing you the opportunity to work together to improve your technology.