NumeriCor helps improve your cardiac therapy R&D process.  Our team of experts build tailored device performance, safety, and usability tests in detailed virtual patients, providing fast and accurate results that save time and money.

Safe, fast and cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs

Since 2018 NumeriCor has supported medical devices manufacturers, accelerating their R&D processes. Our team of experts has helped our clients in more than 30 projects, improving their current technology and developing new prototypes. We use exclusive proprietary cutting-edge methods to create realistic and reliable simulations that help design, optimize, and validate medical devices and novel treatments.

Gain a competitive edge in the market by reducing costly and time-consuming physical prototyping and testing.

Simulate numerous scenarios, conditions, and parameters to evaluate the functionality, efficiency, and robustness of your therapy.

Accelerate the development and approval process of your device



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Types of Partnerships

While the tools provided by NumeriCor can perform all steps of the simulation workflow, our customers may choose to incorporate those steps to a varying degree, based on their internal R&D strategy. Three common partnership models are:

Contracted research

NumeriCor takes care of all simulation aspects and generates reports, datasheets and visualizations for the customer.

Hire a team of experts with decades of experience in cardiac modeling to conduct a project

Design tailored solutions using our cutting-edge proprietary technology without the need of specialized hardware

Benefit from continuous interaction throughout the project to meet your company’s expectations

Produce high-quality result and visualizations faster to gain a competitive edge in the market

Outsourced in-silico setups

NumeriCor leverages its modelling expertise to generate cost-effective, high-quality in-silico setups. The customer executes the simulations, and processes the results internally. This partnership model requires a CARPentry-Pro license.

Models and experiments are generated by NumeriCor’s experts.

Digital twins can be generated from clinical data provided by you, or selected from our proprietary virtual cohort.

The customer has full control over the simulation and post-processing steps.

Fully in-house simulations

This partnership model addresses customers who decide to fully internalize the simulation process. NumeriCor provides software licenses, and training for both CARPentry Pro and CARPentry Studio.

Training sessions on our state-of-the-art technologies to improve your R&D processes, from product design and testing, to results visualization

Dedicated deployment on your specialized HPC platform to exploit the full power of our multi-core cardiac simulator
Consulting sessions with our experts to overcome particularly complex problems