Mapping systems

Highest fidelity signal acquisition over the heart and torso is critical to design the next generation mapping systems. Computer simulation provides recordings and the ground truth, clinically not available, to accelerate the development cycle, as well as understand the nature of the signals being recorded.


Optimising the design of sensing devices and testing them rapidly in a controlled virtual environment can greatly benefit medical device manufacturers. The correct capture and interpretation of signals recorded by cardiac mapping systems can challenging due to

the myocardial substrate heterogeneity, e.g. fibrosis, scar, Purkinje system, local geometry
the broad range of underlying electrical activity possible, e.g. tachycardia, fibrillation

the influence of both composition and physical dimensions of the recording electrode arrays

Advanced cardiac signal interpretation for better mapping systems


SimulatE any cardiac electrical activity

Our software solution can present a wide range of input scenarios for mapping system development.

Fully detailed, high resolution, biophysical modeling of cardiac EP based on over 30 years of experience at the forefront of the field
Accurate four-chamber heart model generation from clinically acquired MRI/CT scans

Detailed description of the cardiac substrate, including fibrotic and scar tissue, and the surrounding organs

Automated inclusion of various pathologies (e.g. ventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, ectopy) at any scale, from cell to organ

Build better mapping systems faster

Based on a CAD specification, a device is integrated into a clinically acquired four-chamber cardiac MRI/CT scan embedded within a torso. Geometry and device placement can be easily modified, with various cardiac rhythms simulated and virtually mapped.

Automated integration of complex devices into patient specific geometries comprising a torso
High temporal and spatial resolution, physiological, in-silico measurements
High fidelity synthetic data generation for developing electro-anatomical mapping algorithms

Responsible, patient-sparing product innovation, running safe in-silico experiments

NumeriCor’s proprietary technology covers all stages of cardiac in-silico experiments, from model generation to cardiac simulation and results visualization. NumeriCor’s core products consists in CARPentry PRO, a cutting-edge simulation engine, and CARPentry Studio, the ultimate end-to-end cardiac simulation graphical interface. NumeriCor offers various possibilities to collaborate with our team of experts, providing you with the opportunity to work together to improve your technology.