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NumeriCor provides cutting-edge cardiac electrophysiology simulation solutions. We strive to be the leader in software for cardiac electrophysiological and mechanical applications, providing our tools to the academic research community, biomedical technology companies, and the cardiology profession.


Aurel NEIC

Aurel NEIC

CEO, CTO & co-founder

Computational Cardiology Expert

Gernot PLANK

Gernot PLANK


Professor of Computational Cardiology

Medical University of Graz




Head of the Modeling Team in Computational Cardiology

Liryc – Université de Bordeaux

Christoph AUGUSTIN

Christoph AUGUSTIN


Associate Professor in Computational Cardiovascular Mechanics

Medical University of Graz



Expert Consulting Network


Luca Azzolin

Atrial modelling & digital twinning technologies

Senior R&D Engineer & Product Manager
NumeriCor GmbH

Matthias Gsell

Electromechanics & digital twins

Senior R&D Engineer
NumeriCor GmbH

Thomas Schrotter

Simulation technologies

R&D Engineer
NumeriCor GmbH

Expert Consulting Network

Jason Bayer

Cardiac electrophysiology simulation & experiments

Researcher for Cardiac Electrophysiology
Liryc Institute of Cardiac Rhythm Desease Bordeaux

Caroline Roney

Atrial electrophysiology modelling

Reader in Computational Medicine
Queen Mary Univerity London

Axel Loewe

Atrial electrophysiology modelling, OpenCARP

Group leader cardiac modelling
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Marina Strocchi

Cardiac electromechanics

Research Fellow
Imperial College London

Karli Gillette

Digital Twinning Technologies

PostDoctoral researcher
Medical University of Graz

Scientific Advisory Board

Martin J. Bishop

Electrophysiology & Ablation Modeling

Reader in Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology
Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences
King’s College London

Steven A. Niederer

Electro-mechanics & Digital Twins

Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences
King’s College London

Co-director Digital Medicine
Alan Turing Institute

Daniel Scherr

Clinical Modeling & Translation

Professor of Cardiac Electrophysiology
Head of Clinical and Translational Cardiac Arrhythmia Research
Medical University of Graz

Thomas Pock

Digital Twinning Technologies, MedIA, Optimization & AI

Professor of Computer Science
Graz University of Technology



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